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A Bit of a Fix

Hello Oregon!

Just stopping by as I have not been active lately. Unfortunately I work a 40+ hour work week and all kinds of activity has befallen my place of employment. Thieves are running rampant and I have been quite busy with all of it.

I have also taken time to reflect and to browse the other candidates running and found they are WAY ahead of me in funding, functions, and of course outreach. I feel outclassed by the professional folks and have posed the thought of throwing in the towel. I find that I cannot. I have seen the others platforms and trying to please everyone as they are attempting is not going to get us where we need to be! If you have convictions, morals, and beliefs that are who you are, then stick to them! Do not bend for the sake of winning votes and then bend at every turn! You can negotiate, be flexible, and do what is right and true to the people without have to bend to a breaking point. My spine is intact!

I am still here and ready to work for you as hard as I do here at my full time job! Give me a chance and we can make the changes needed! I welcome all ideas and discussions on repairs to our overstaffed bureaucracy! Time to slim down, save the money, reduce debt, and get back to basics. Thank you all for listening!


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