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What I Am About

Hello everyone! I wanted to give you a little background and insight as to why I want to run for this office.

I am new to all of this but have watched our state and our country be divided, over-regulated, and daily lives disrupted. I am a fixer by nature. I grew up part of my life on a farm and the other here in the Portland metro area. I have been a mechanic, medical assistant with limited xray, a cook, building maintenance tech and manager, a paper maker, dock worker, and delivery driver. So it seems I am a little organized and I like to fix things.

I want to fix the mess in D.C. I would want to return to the federal government to do only what is needed from them and allow the states to run themselves as they were meant to do. I want term limits. I would like to see the government do all of the business it needs to in a couple of months and we all go back to our regular jobs, families, and farms. The Fed does not need to work 9 months of the year! Remove red tape, streamline, and get the work done! The big problem seems to be they need the time to gather all of those donations, favors, and elbow rubbing with lobbyists.

I grew up poor, now barely middle class, and I live simply. I cannot and will not be bought. Ask anyone I have ever interacted with. I help, I fix, I am true to my word. A handshake still means something to me. I am logical when working with people or projects and feelings do not play a part in those decisions. The government is a business and should operate as one! Take the emotion out of it. Passion is ok, but how you feel about an issue is irrelevant if the people that voted to have you represent them want something you don’t feel you want.

I will do my best to represent you and make the decisions you want me to make. I will never forget that I am an employee of the people! You all are my bosses! Give me a chance and I will not disappoint!


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