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Her Reign is Almost OVER!

It looks like Little Lady Katie gave her “State of The State” address. I know these career politicians are tone deaf but wow! Small businesses struggle to stay open because of the pandemic and supply shortages. NOTHING about incoherent rules constantly changing during rolling lock downs and mandates. All coming from her office.

Portland’s babysitter is almost done. I urge everyone who has even considered running, DO IT!! I call all hardworking people who want to be free to make their own decisions, bring Oregon back to it’s former glory and beauty, break up the tyrannical overseers, and rescind legislative overreach into our state and daily lives! THIS IS NOT CALIFORNIA!! Do we really want to end up like them? They make laws and rules to keep everyday folks from affording a decent life while allowing crime to go unpunished! Why do our “leaders” follow that state and then I watch Washington follow us?? There it is folks, FOLLOW. Our people in charge do not and I believe cannot lead. They see something cool they like in Cali and force it on Oregon. They are ruining my state, your state, OUR STATE!


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