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Welcome To Our Journey!

  • A Huge Thank You!
    It is a bit late but wanted to thank all that gave me the opportunity to gain your vote. I ended up with over 6500 votes! I was unable to get it together and was trying to do it all myself so I think 6500 was amazing and a surprise! I have made a couple […]
  • A Bit of a Fix
    Hello Oregon! Just stopping by as I have not been active lately. Unfortunately I work a 40+ hour work week and all kinds of activity has befallen my place of employment. Thieves are running rampant and I have been quite busy with all of it. I have also taken time to reflect and to browse […]
  • What I Am About
    Hello everyone! I wanted to give you a little background and insight as to why I want to run for this office. I am new to all of this but have watched our state and our country be divided, over-regulated, and daily lives disrupted. I am a fixer by nature. I grew up part of […]
  • Her Reign is Almost OVER!
    It looks like Little Lady Katie gave her “State of The State” address. I know these career politicians are tone deaf but wow! Small businesses struggle to stay open because of the pandemic and supply shortages. NOTHING about incoherent rules constantly changing during rolling lock downs and mandates. All coming from her office. Portland’s babysitter […]
  • More evidence the disease is weakening this is a fairly left wing reporting agency (just cannot say news agency).